VAI – Independent Subjective


1s ᐃᔥᑲ ᓂᐱᒧᐦᑌᓈ
2s ᐃᔥᑲ ᒋᐱᒧᐦᑌᓈ
3s ᐃᔥᑲ ᐱᒧᐦᑌᐙ

1p ᐃᔥᑲ ᓂᐱᒧᐦᑌᓈᓈ
21 ᐃᔥᑲ ᒋᐱᒧᐦᑌᓈᓇᐙ
2p ᐃᔥᑲ ᒋᐱᒧᐦᑌᓈᐙᐙ
3p ᐃᔥᑲ ᐱᒧᐦᑌᐗᒌ

4  ᐃᔥᑲ ᐱᒧᐦᑌᔨᐗᐦᐄ

0  ᐃᔥᑲ ᐱᒧᐦᑖᓂᐎᐙ  0′  ᐃᔥᑲ ᐱᒧᐦᑖᓂᐎᔨᐙ

Note:  Some speakers use a levelled out paradigm where the obviative and third person plural forms also end in ᐋ.


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